Game Update: Saturday, July 27th


Photo by MPP Photography

Yesterday was a hot one, as game 1 kicked off between Team Quebec and Team Saskatchewan. Quebec started out strong in the first inning, leading the game with 12 runs and none for Saskatchewan. Quebec doubled their runs in the second inning, and added 10 to that in the third, where Saskatchewan came in with two runs. The game ended after three innings, the score finishing up at Quebec 34, Saskatchewan 2.

Team Ontario lost the lead in Game 2 against Team B.C. yesterday. The first inning started out with two runs for Ontario, none for B.C., and Team Ontario’s lead continued into the third inning as each team scored two runs in the second. Carrying this score through, the fourth inning had Ontario standing strong at three runs, only one for B.C. Team B.C. turned it around for themselves in the fifth, scoring five runs and leaving Ontario with 0, continuing for each team to push 3 runs in the sixth. The seventh inning featured Team B.C. coming back full force on Team Ontario, and scoring 7 runs to none, leaving the finishing score at B.C. 18, Ontario 10.

After a short break for the Opening Ceremonies, we headed right into our final game featuring Team Alberta against our Host Team. Alberta took the lead in the first inning with six runs to Host team’s two, and maintained their lead. In the second inning, Alberta scored two runs with the Host team scoring none, and carried that score through to the fourth inning. Alberta pulled farther into their lead, scoring five runs in the fourth and the host staying at none, which lead to finishing the game after four innings, Alberta 14, Host 2.

Sunday morning begins with a 9:00am game between Ontario and Quebec.

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