Game Update: Sunday, July 28th

Another bright, sunny Lethbridge day today as we dove right into Day 2 of play in the championship tournament. Game 4 featured Team Ontario against the neighbouring province of Quebec. It was a close game in the first two innings, Quebec up two runs to Ontario’s single run by the end of the second. Quebec maintained their lead into the first inning by scoring four runs to none for Ontario, and then upping that by another four in the fourth inning. Ontario remained with only one run going into the fifth inning, as Quebec added another run on top, making the score for Quebec 11, and Ontario 1.

We took a break today for the Lethbridge Bulls game starting at 2:05pm with a 3-1 win against the Okotoks Dawgs. Game 5 began this evening with Team Alberta taking on the team from directly East, Team Saskatchewan. The first inning brought in two runs for Saskatchewan in the first half, and a pitching change for them after Alberta scored five runs. Alberta added four runs on top of that, to make a whopping nine runs in the very first inning. In the second inning, Alberta made a pitching change early on to keep Saskatchewan at two runs. Alberta added on another nine to double their score. The score carried forward through the third, and Saskatchewan batted through the top of the fourth inning with no runs to end the game, Alberta 18, Saskatchewan 2.

Shortly after Game 5 came to an end we started back up here at Spitz Stadium with a half hour delay on Game 6 featuring the Host Team and Team Atlantic. The Host team started out strong with four runs in the top of the first inning, Atlantic remaining at zero going into the second. The second inning maintained the Host lead, adding three more runs onto their score. Team Atlantic made a double play, and topped it off with a catch by the pitcher to head to the bottom of the second. Team Atlantic responded with six runs to stand just behind the Host Team. Our Host Team scored no runs in the third inning, Atlantic pulling ahead with two runs. The Host Team came right back ahead with four runs in the fourth inning with Atlantic scoring none, and in the fifth Atlantic tied it back up with three more runs. The sixth inning was a tight one, our Host Team coming up with no runs and Team Atlantic pulling through with one run to polish the game off for our closest scoring game of the tournament so far!

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