Game Update: Monday, July 29th

Today was an exciting one at the Junior Canadians Little League Championship, with three more games in the afternoon through to the evening. Team Ontario and Team Alberta faced each other for the first game of the day. Team Alberta started with the lead, scoring one run in the first inning while Ontario sat at none. Alberta was hit with a response of two runs from Ontario in the second. Ontario maintained their one point lead through the third and fourth innings, and then lit up the fifth inning with ten runs to Alberta’s one. They ended off the game with Ontario 12, and Alberta 2.

The second game of the day was a nail biter to the end. Team B.C. took on Team Atlantic early in the afternoon. The first inning resulted in a one run tie between the two teams, holding that score through the second inning. The third inning brought B.C. ahead by two runs, Atlantic responding with one to give B.C. the lead. This score carried through the fourth inning, and the fifth brought B.C. home once, maintaining their lead through the sixth inning. In the seventh, Team Atlantic came back with two runs to tie the game back up and take it to an extra eighth inning. The last inning of the game left B.C. empty handed, Atlantic pulling forward by one run to win the game, B.C at 4, and Atlantic at 5.

The final game of the day featured Team Saskatchewan and our Host Team. Team Saskatchewan started the game empty scored, while the Host Team brought in eight runs to start the game with a bang. In the top of the second, Team Saskatchewan brought in one run, straying behind as we went to the bottom. Our Host Team brought in four more runs to maintain their lead against Saskatchewan. The third inning brought Team Saskatchewan one more run, and then our Host team responded with a whopping fourteen runs to end the game, Host Team 14, and Team Saskatchewan 2.

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