Game Update: Tuesday, July 30th

Today we had an earlier start than normal with Game 10 at 8:30am. Neighbouring teams Atlantic and Quebec faced each other in an exciting game. The first inning brought Quebec home once, and left Atlantic with none, which carried through the second inning. In the third, Atlantic stayed at no score, but Quebec brought in five more runs to cushion their lead. Atlantic brought in one run in the third, and Quebec responded with two more. In the fifth inning we saw Atlantic keep their score, and Quebec add on a couple more runs to make ten total. Atlantic looked to catch up in the sixth, adding two more runs, but Quebec pushed back with three more, ending the game after 6 innings. The final score was Atlantic 3, Quebec 13.

Game 11 featured Team BC and Team Saskatchewan. BC began the game with a strong lead, after scoring six runs right away, Saskatchewan remaining at zero. In the second inning, BC upped their lead by nine runs, while Saskatchewan’s score remained empty. Saskatchewan held BC at bay in the third inning, with no runs for either team. The fourth inning brought the end of the game when BC scored six more and Saskatchewan continued their score at zero. The final score of the game was BC at 21, Saskatchewan at 0.

To end off the night, our Host team took on Team Ontario for Game 12. The first inning left both teams scoreless, but the second inning brought Ontario up by three runs while our Host team stayed at zero. Our Host Team looked to catch up in the third inning, scoring one run while Ontario responded with three more. Innings four and five didn’t bring in any runs for either team, but in the sixth our Host Team fought hard to catch up, bringing in two more runs while Ontario stayed at six. The top of the seventh inning brought our Host team forward by one more run, but they couldn’t catch up to Ontario. The final score was Host 4, Ontario 6.

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