Game Update: Thursday, August 1st

It was a warm one today in Lethbridge as we kicked off Round 7 of the Junior Canadian Little League Championships. The first team to face off today was Team BC and our Host Team. We had a scoreless first inning, heading into the second in a very close game. The second inning brought the Host Team in one run, as BC remained at zero. The Host team picked it up in the third, bringing three players home, leaving BC scoreless. In the fourth inning, the Host team brought their score up by one, BC remaining at zero. The fifth and sixth innings were scoreless, BC attempting to come back in the seventh and ending up with one run to end the game, Host 5, BC 1.

For Game 17 today we had Team Saskatchewan playing Team Atlantic. In the first inning Team Atlantic started out strong with five runs, Saskatchewan bringing in one. The second inning Atlantic brought in a whopping sixteen runs to Saskatchewan’s zero. The third inning had Atlantic adding four more runs on and Saskatchewan remained at the same score. Atlantic brought in one more run in the fourth inning to top off the game, and ended it Atlantic 26, Saskatchewan 1.

Our final game of the day was a nail biter through and through with Team Quebec and Team Alberta. The first inning had Alberta holding the lead with one run to Quebec’s zero. In the second inning Quebec inched ahead by scoring two more runs and Alberta losing the lead with none. The third inning was an excellent one for Team Alberta as they brought in eight runs to secure their lead, Quebec countering with one. In the fourth inning, Quebec inched closer to Alberta’s score with one run to Alberta’s zero, and both teams added one run in the fifth. In the sixth and seventh, Quebec added 3 runs each inning to just barely take the lead from Alberta, and they finished off Quebec 11, to Alberta 10.

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