Game Update: Friday, August 2nd

Today we saw our last round robin games of the tournament, before we head into the semifinals followed by the consolation game tomorrow. Game 19 started strong with Alberta against BC this afternoon, Alberta scoring four runs right off the bat, while BC remained at zero. A scoreless second inning brought two more home for Team Alberta in the third, BC remaining without a score. The fourth inning put one run on the board for BC, and the fifth had both teams adding one more run to their scores. The sixth inning remained scoreless, and in the seventh BC fought to catch up, scoring three runs and ending the game just behind team Alberta. The final score was Alberta 7, BC 5.

Game 20 started the same as Game 19, but this time we had Team Ontario taking on Team Atlantic. Team Ontario took the first inning by storm with four runs to nothing for Atlantic. Innings two and three were scoreless, with two runs in Ontario’s favour in the fourth. In the fifth inning, Ontario had one more run to add on, Atlantic still remaining at zero. The game went until the end of the sixth inning, when Atlantic couldn’t manage to come back, and Ontario added on three more runs making the final score Ontario 10, Atlantic 0.

The final round robin game of the tournament, between our Host team and Team Quebec, started with the Host team scoring two runs to Quebec’s zero, giving them a good start. In the second inning, Quebec looked to catch up by scoring one run, putting them one point behind the Host team. The third inning was scoreless, with Quebec scoring two runs in the fourth, and three in the fifth to take the lead from Alberta. The sixth inning had no score, the seventh inning showed a strong chance for a comeback as our Host team added on two more runs, but couldn’t take the lead. The final score was Quebec 6, Host 4.

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