Game Update: Semifinals & Consolation

Today was an exciting one as we found out who was headed to the Championship and Bronze Medal games! The first semifinal game was between Team Ontario and Team Atlantic. The first inning put Team Atlantic in the lead by one run, Team Ontario none yet. There was a scoreless second and third inning, Team Ontario fighting for the lead by scoring one run, which was met by two runs from Team Atlantic. A scoreless fifth inning lead into Ontario scoring one more run in the sixth in an attempt to catch up to Atlantic, still trailing by one. The top of the seventh showed no runs for Team Ontario, leaving the score Atlantic 3, Ontario 2. Team Atlantic will be the first team to head to the Championship Game!

The second semifinal game was a nail biter to the very end! Team Quebec faced Team Alberta in a very exciting game to determine the second team to head to the Final. The first inning started with Quebec scoring one run and Alberta staying at zero, through two scoreless innings. In the fourth, Quebec maintained their lead by adding on one more run. The fifth inning brought Alberta two runs home to tie the game up! In the sixth inning, Quebec brought home three more runs and Alberta only one, taking the lead with a two point cushion. In an astonishing turn of events, the seventh inning had Alberta hitting three more runs home to take the game! The final score was Alberta 6, Quebec 5. Team Alberta will face off Team Atlantic in the Championship Game, and Team Quebec will be up against Team Ontario in the Bronze Game.

Our Consolation game today was a matchup between fifth and sixth place, putting Team BC against the Host Team. The first inning brought home one run for the Hosts, none for BC, and the Host Team hit home five more in the second to maintain their lead. The third and fourth inning were scoreless, BC adding one run on in the fifth to try and catch up. In the sixth inning, the Host team added on one more run to further their lead, and BC had one more chance to catch up in the seventh. Team BC added on two more runs to get a closer score, but couldn’t manage to catch up to the Hosts. The final score was Host Team 7, BC 3, leaving the Host Team in 5th place and BC in 6th.

Tomorrow, we will have the Bronze Medal Game at 10:30am (MT) and the Championship at 2:00pm (MT).

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